You are the BEST, Dr Kumar I bow to your Lotus Feet.

Here in the U.K. back in March when the coronavirus came to our shores the future was very uncertain for everyone. The generosity of Dr. Kumar stepped in and gifted us with his daily broadcast (and what a gift it has been) knowing every day he would be there supporting myself and others. Has been wonderful experience …. his teachings and guidance has made a tremendous difference to me personally my own observations of the subject, the craft of listening to the spoken word has been invaluable. It was always my wish to have the opportunity to continue my studies with. Dr Kumar my teacher and to grow as a human one day !! So my wish came true!!

Thank you sincerely to all of you that made these broadcasts happen when you risked so much to bring this online course to us all and as always to UK volunteers thank you.
With Gratitude to everyone
Dr Kumar I bow to your Lotus Feet.
You are the BEST


Patty Kendrick Student

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