No words that describe just how incredibly grateful I feel. 

Deep and abundant gratitude for the depth of nourishing teachings during Quarantine. All the teachings continue to be a ‘life-belt’ for this time of adversity and change.

I feel I have learnt, grown, deepened and benefitted at such a great level by every word that has been spoken – every breath that has been taken, each resonant pitch of chanting and every moment of guidance in the meditation training.

I am floored – and I bow down to the great lineage of the teachings and to dear Guru Kumar who translates and channels the deep heart wisdom of this tradition.

It is phenomenal and there are simply –  no words that describe just how incredibly grateful I feel.

The great teachings by Dr.Kumar resound through my home, in my car, at bedtime and before sunrise. I take the dharma everywhere I go.  I feel I have been waiting so long for more contact with the dharma teachings and with Dr. Kumar.

The online teachings have deepened and sustained my daily practice and opened my mind up to all possibilities and potential of awakening to yoga for the body and yoga for the mind – and every aspect that makes up the whole and full experience.

The students that come to the classes I teach are also benefiting greatly from my plugin in to Dr. Kumar’s daily teachings. I share the recordings, quotes from Dr. Kumar and weblinks to the students in my class and I feel so grateful for the deeper understanding of the tradition of yoga that I can begin to share far and wide. I am always encouraging and directing the students in my class to Dr.Kumar’s teaching and work and offerings. It is my duty to do so.

I can honestly say I am walking and talking the Guru’s teachings with a deep knowing that this is the only true path to awakening.

And the deepest of thanks to all the team that continue to work tireless hours in India and the UK to make this all unfold seamlessly (or at least, that is how it appears from the outside).

I am so looking forward to beginning the Yoga Teacher Training on Monday morning.


Anna Sadler Student

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