His guidance is more precious than anything

I do not know any words that can express the gratitude I feel for the infinite compassion and kindness that Dr Kumar has shown me and my family since I first met him. A day has not gone by without being me able to refer to something helpful he has taught to guide me. In every situation I have witnessed and every moment spent with him he has never given less than his whole mind, heart and being to everyone he meets, from his closest students to complete strangers, he cannot walk away from anyone who needs help and his precious time is given always entirely for others.

His guidance is more precious than anything this world offers. His generosity in holding us throughout this frightening period is beyond my ability to put into words. His heart is much wider and deeper than the universe, known and unknown and as a small erratic electron next to him I feel blessed to have been given this priceless opportunity to have been washed by the pure Dharma for the last months. Every day the discourses have been full of fresh insights and ancient wisdom, science to grapple with and practical manageable protection strategies, from how to wash our arses to the most sacred secrets of Yoga. The beyond profound knowledge just kept coming from an unfathomable well of experience where nothing has been kept back.

Truth and love illuminate every one of his utterances and the challenges to my entropy blocked brain have been enormous, releasing something I was not expecting, a joy in performing simple tasks that that I have not experienced since I was a young child. I have found a part of me that has been lost and he held my hand the whole time. I am unworthy to be making any comments except I wanted to say thank you to the wisest and most loving of all, my Guru.


Lizzie Student

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