RYT200 – Course Format

Daily classes with Dr. Kumar will be streamed live Monday to Saturday from 1st June to 31st August daily, then be available online subsequently for those registered for the course to access at a time convenient to them. Those who for any reason have to join the course late, can catch up with the online classes.

The classes will each last approximately 2.5 hours and students would be expected to follow this with approximately 1 hour self-study per class in order to achieve RYT 200 certification.

It is recommended that where possible students stick to a daily routine and commit to three hours per day of learning. However, if this is not possible due to childcare or work commitments then you can access the materials at a time convenient for you.

Each day would involve:

Dhyaya: 2 to 3 hrs (approx.) class with Dr. Kumar.

Upadhyaya: 1 hour self-study including reading of class notes and relevant selected materials in order to understand the topics at a deeper level. The detail in the classes and complexity of some of the topics will also require re-watching as part of the self-study hour. At the end of the video class, there will be an online quiz with 5-10 multiple choice or true or false questions. It is mandatory to take this 5 minute test for each class in order to achieve certification.

Adhyaya: Self-practice and/ or teaching practice where appropriate.


For the duration of the course all students resolve to practice Yama, the code of conduct outlined by Patanjali. Yama involves maintaining Ahimsa (non-violence/abstaining from harming/abusing/using harsh words); Satya (speaking truth/abstaining from lies/divisive talk); Asteya (abstaining from stealing); Brahmacharya (abstaining from sexual misconduct); Aparigraha (abstaining from intoxicants including tobacco and alcohol).

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