Course – User Manual

User Manual

  • Login with registered user id and password or using FB or Google
  • Go to the RYT 500/ RYT500 course page – Teacher Training Course and click on START COURSE to start the course
Start Course
  • First unit will be LIVE CLASS and the stream will be available during the specified time
Live Class
  • For those who have missed the live classes or other who are unable view the live classes and video unit will be made available after few hours of Live class
  • After you watch the video please take up the available Quiz for the day.
  • After watching the video or taking the quiz click on the Return to Course button to exit the course page
  • Repeat the same process every day

FAQ and Trouble shooting

  • Unable to login
    • Please check the password and if you forgot password click on “Forgot Password”
    • If you use Google or FB, please check the respective password
  • Error: Can’t take course contact admin
    • Please refresh the browser couple of times and check and if issue still persists then , please clear cookies from your browser and login again
  • Any other issue please clear cookies, if you still face any problem, contact Volunteer

September 14, 2020