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Traditional Yoga is registered with the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga School (RYS500). Upon completion you will receive a 200 hour Traditional Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. This certificate is valid for a period of 2 years from the date of issue if you wish to register with Yoga Alliance as RYT-200, please refer to their certification policy, http://www.yogaalliance.org

The first step of Patanjali’s Noble Eightfold Path is Yama and represents the resolution to give up any action that causes harm to others or ourselves by body, speech or mind. It is the foundation that enables progress in meditation. The Five Yama are observances outlined by Patanjali: 

  • Ahimsa – nonviolence, to remove anger or hatred from the mind
  • Asteya – non stealing to remove greed from the mind
  • Satya – truthfulness to remove fear from the mind
  • Brahmacharya – non sexual misconduct to remove lust from the mind
  • Apaarigraha – non addiction to prevent slavery of the mind

Yoga supports physical and mental wellbeing and can lead to wide ranging benefits. Yoga Healing Foundation is not a medical care provider however and cannot be responsible for diagnosing, examining, or treating individual medical conditions of any kind, or in determining the effect of any specific course activity on a medical condition. When you engage in yoga practice please do so with awareness of your individual physical fitness and participate at a level that is appropriate for you. When practicing yoga, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating and assume all risk of injury to yourself. Please continue with any prescription medication during the course.


Dr. Kumar’s classes bring new perspectives to traditional teachings by drawing together contemporary science and ancient wisdom. The course offers us the opportunity to silence the intellect, the mind, the ego and absorb knowledge from an enlightened teacher, with a lifetime of experience, knowledge and insight to share.

The course is suitable for those who are motivated to learn from Dr. Kumar and value this rare opportunity. It is not suitable for those who are looking for a conventional Yoga Teacher Training or are looking to attain a qualification in Yoga in order to teach. It will be unlike any other Yoga Teacher Training course currently offered. 

There will be no published curriculum, modules or electives. The course teaches us adaptability, flexibility and responsiveness. In life we never know what each day will bring, similarly it is part of the training to approach each class without any preconceived notions or expectations of what will be covered. Dr. Kumar explains this approach in the 1stMay webcast.  The course is not a commodity and students are not customers. The course will be taught in the ancient tradition of going to a Guru to choicelessly learn whatever that Guru teaches.

The daily class will be between 2 to 3 hours, some days it may even be slightly longer so each student needs to have some degree of flexibility about time commitment.

The teaching style will be very strict, in line with the culture of Traditional Ashrams. Dr. Kumar often shakes up our conditioning in order to bring transformation and turn our perceptions upside down. Be prepared to hear teachings that may challenge your previous understanding, or that you may not yet understand. Learning to surrender to the Guru is part of the training in Yoga. This means putting aside one’s expectations, preferences and perceptions, previous knowledge and intellectual conditioning. The last of the Niyama’s of Patanjali is Eeshwara Pranidhanaha, surrender to an enlightened teacher. The course will uphold this essential aspect of the Yoga tradition in order for students to gain maximum benefit. The teachings of Yoga do not exist without enlightened teachers to convey them and the voice and teaching of the guru is transformative if the student is completely open minded and ‘surrendered’, i.e. keeping one’s cup empty in order to fill it with new knowledge.

There will be no reading list. Dr. Kumar may share research resources and other materials that are relevant to his classes because they provide a perspective on an issue that he wishes you to consider as part of a broader discourse on the topic. However books, especially translations of Sanskrit texts would usually not be recommended on the course. The translations of important scriptures will be given live by Dr. Kumar in the oral tradition. Yoga is to be learned orally and experientially, not intellectually or through reading

Refund Policy:
The course is not a commodity and the value of the teaching is immeasurable. For this reason those graduating from the course do so with a deep sense of gratitude and respect. The course fee is a gesture of gratitude, not an exchange for the teachings. For this reason if you leave the course dissatisfied or not feeling grateful for the teaching, we prefer to reimburse your course payment. Refunds will only be given to those who complete the entire training and the assessments and request one at the end of the course, they will not be given before that. We encourage you to read the course description carefully and watch the recommended webcasts and clips to ensue that you are suitable for this training before joining.

Review Policy:In the Yoga tradition, the relationship between guru and students is sanctified. The teaching is not a service or product and the student is not a customer. For this reason it is highly inappropriate to write any feedback, reviews or public comments about the training or the teacher whether positive or negative unless invited to do so. This is against the tradition and anyone who breaks this code of conduct will not be granted a certificate and may be asked to withdraw from the training.


  • I hereby state that all information provided in connection with this application is true and correct.
  • I understand and agree to the declaration and the statements above.
  • I understand that there are no interactive sessions or in-person sessions.
  • I understand that awarding the certificate of attendance at the end of the course is at the sole discretion of Yoga Healing Foundation
  • I understand that the course donation of Rs20000 / GBP250/ $300 is not refundable at any point other than at the discretion of Yoga Healing Foundation.
  • I understand that Yoga Healing Foundation reserves the right to reject my application with or without assigning any reasons thereof.
  • I understand that there will be no set curriculum or lesson plans given during the course.

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The information you have provided on this form will be treated confidentially unless disclosure is required by law. By completing and signing this form, you give your consent to the storage and use of this information by the course organizers as described below and in our Data Protection Policy, a copy of which may be obtained from the course administrator.

There is no legal obligation for you to provide any of the information in this form. You are providing the information voluntarily and in order to register for a Traditional Yoga course.  You have the right to decline to provide this information but in that case, we will not be able to process your application. This is because the information requested is essential to determine your eligibility for the course. This is important for your protection and the protection of other students attending the course.

Application forms and health forms are received by the administrator. Application forms will be stored securely. The period of storage will be up to 3 years.

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