8 Week Beginners Awareness Meditation Course – Online Sunday evenings by Anna Sadler


Become a teacher of natural breath awareness meditation, known in Sanskrit as Prana Samyama. This course is aimed at the Yogi Aspirants who have been attending Dr Kumar’s Online Yogi Trainings and are looking to integrate meditation into their teaching, in an authentic and systematic way.

Meditation on the natural breath is an intrinsic part of the path of vairagya that leads to selflessness and enlightenment. The technique is central to the teachings of Buddha, Saint Patanjali, Saint Yagnya Valkya and Lord Krishna.

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Learn how to observe the natural breath in order to experience inner peace and to change negative thought patterns.

The purpose of technique, referred to by Patanjali as Prana Samyama, is to bring balance and harmony to the mind. In the long term it has the power to transform negative mind patterns leading to profound peace and happiness. Meditation on the natural breath is central to Yoga and Buddhist systems, as well as to contemporary mindfulness models.

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