Dear Yogi Aspirant,

Thank you for registering for the course. You are conditionally approved for both the courses RYIT200 and RYIT500 FREE Online Meditation Teacher Training Courses (June - December 2022).


Please read the Code of Discipline, understand about Guru and Tradition (sampradaya) and the Lineage (parampara).


Experience of Aspirants with past meditation practices (from other disciplines) is no way considered as either eligibility or merit for approving conditionally. Rather they are mandated to read, understand and assimilate the Code of Discipline in detail. Be ready to unlearn and relearn with an open mind. 


You will be observed in the first month on the following criteria to get approved and to continue on the course after the first month -


  1. Writing Gratitude Messages every day, tradition of expressing Modana (gratitude) every moment by Anumodana (expressing joy by listening to Guru) only positivity by body, mind and speech, irrespective of anything and everything.


  1. Response to the mentor or volunteer or counselor and compliance with suggestions given by them and showing respect in gratitude to their service to tradition and yoga as a pure charity.


  1. Keeping up with the course on day to day basis.


  1. Practicing given technics and submitting their practice demos (through videos) for correction and compliance to correction.


  1. Compliance to suggested modifications with respect to diet, nutritional advise, sleep and more important to day- to-day life.


  1. Any personalities with criticism, blame, being negative in approach and attitude, egoistic behavior, stubbornness, insensitivity , lies, lethargy and laziness in any way is discouraged and will lead to removal from the course without any notice.





Traditional Yoga.

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