RYT 500 – Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

15th September 2020-15th February 2021

This is a Yogi training…unless you are a Yogi how can you become a teacher of Yoga?”
Are you prepared to shift your perspective to deepen your practice and enhance your personal journey? If so, you will leave this course inspired and transformed.

Over the last 3 months I have learned more about yoga than I have in 10yrs of practice, teaching or reading…. Every day I look forward to Dr Kumar’s wisdom. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. It has been totally refreshing and transformative. Take the plunge and dive right in! -Lisa Lavery, Yoga Teacher and student of 2020 Yogi Training  with Dr Kumar

Course Outline

Dr. Kumar has learned in 86 schools of yoga with teachers including Krishnamacharya, BKS Iyengar and the seven disciples of Sivananda. He uses this deep knowledge and his experience as an award-winning scientist to bring fresh perspectives to Yoga.

The course will cover the full spectrum of Yoga and its underlying science, from a physical, physiological, psychological, emotional, philosophical and spiritual perspective. From understanding the nature of our DNA, to learning about the structure of the universe and everything in between, the course will educate you deeply, equip you to live life like a Yogi and give you abundant information, guidance and wisdom that you can in turn share with others.

Dr Kumar’s teaching is spontaneous and boundless. Prepare to be challenged and enlightened by the unique experience of learning with him. His teaching is deeply rooted in the purity of authentic traditions. The underlying question being addressed throughout the course is, ‘how does one live in the wisdom of Yoga in today’s world?’

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Course Curriculum

September Classes & Quizzes
26 September 2020 Class 02:00:00
25 September 2020 Class 02:00:00
24 September 2020 Class 02:00:00
24 September Quiz Unlimited
23 September 2020 Class 02:00:00
23 September Quiz Unlimited
22 September 2020 Class 02:00:00
22 September Quiz Unlimited
21 September 2020 Class 02:00:00
21 September Quiz Unlimited
19 September 2020 Class 02:00:00
19 September Quiz Unlimited
18 September 2020 Class 02:00:00
18 September Quiz Unlimited
17 September 2020 Class 02:00:00
17 September Quiz Unlimited
16 September 2020 Class 02:00:00
16 September Quiz Unlimited
15 September 2020 Class 02:00:00
15 September Quiz Unlimited
Course Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct 00:10:00
Testing Live stream
25 Sep Class Stream 2 02:00:00
24 Sep Class -Stream 2 00:00:00
17 Sep Class- Stream 2 00:00:00
  • 35,000.00


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