Meditation course for teachers

Course Timeline: 01 March 2021 – 30 May 2021

Meditation is the subtlest and most advanced limb of Yoga. This course is an opportunity for deep experiential learning, grounded in the most authentic traditions and lineages, underpinned by profound explanations of the science of mind.

This is a rare opportunity to make a soul journey with Dr Kumar, the Guru who is grounded in the ancient traditions and the pure science of Yoga, who has explored the entire field of consciousness and gone beyond, to realise singularity, called in other language as Parabrahma, Holy Spirit, Allah, Self-actualisation, enlightenment. This journey cannot be made without the guidance of a teacher who has accomplished it.

Yoga is many limbed, and is not to be confused with any form of religion. My aim is to restore the understanding of the relationship of different branches of traditional yoga so as to enable each person to make swift and effective progress
Dr Kumar

Course Curriculum

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