RYT500 Online Yogi Training with Dr Kumar ALV

1st July to 1st December 2021

Course Outline

This course is for serious aspirants who look to Yoga for complete transformation, purification and liberation of the body, mind and soul under the expert guidance of an accomplished and fully enlightened Guru. The course follows the strict ethos of the lineages and traditions of Indian Vedic Ashrams. To become a student of such a teacher is a great privilege and an incredibly rare opportunity, the criteria to join is not payment, but suitability based on the attributes of a student outlined by the great Indian Saints and Gurus of the Yoga tradition including gratitude, humility, devotion, interest and positivity.

Offered by Yoga Healing Foundation on a donation basis for students who fulfil the course criteria. Application includes an interview.

Yoga Healing Foundation/ Traditional Yoga was established to restore the noble legacy of Yoga, in its wholeness, undiluted purity and highest standards.

For enquiries please contact us and please ensure you read the full description below.

We also recommend you start watching the public daily classes to get a flavour of the course: https://www.youtube.com/c/TraditionalYoga/featured

Here are some example classes:

Guided meditation

Brahma Viharas

Five styles of Yoga as per Krishnamacharya

The Path to Enlightenment

Nutrition and food combinations

Webcast that includes discussion of discriminatory wisdom, followed by asana practice


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This course is for serious aspirants who look to Yoga for complete transformation, purification and liberation of the body, mind and soul.

The course is conducted in Purvashrama Sampradaya, the traditional system of Guru Shishya Parampara of Shrutha Sampradaya, which means the oral tradition, ‘as heard from Gurus’. Every word spoken by Dr Kumar, honours the pure lineages which he graciously represents in absolute gratitude and reverence.

Though online, students on the course are entering into a virtual ashram and should be prepared to conduct themselves with utmost caution, discipline and awareness.

When one enters the gates of an ashram, they must leave their intellectual baggage and prior learning at the door regardless of qualifications, experience or status, and enter in humility, as a beginner, an empty cup ready to be filled with the purest of pure teachings. The path to enlightenment can only be taught by one who has achieved it, going to such a Guru should only be undertaken if one is able to surrender one’s own perceptions and judgments and to understand that everything being taught is necessary for the goal to be achieved. What is taught comes direct from the Pool of Consciousness exactly as it should be in order for us to break out of the bondages of our conditioning. In every traditional ashram in India, the student is at the lotus feet of the Guru in unquestioning devotion and surrender. The Guru is a representative of the Pool of Consciousness and a conduit to Singularity/ Holy Spirit/ Parabrahma/Paramatma/ Allah/ Non-Entropy and the way to connect is through the grace of the Guru’s teaching and voice.

This course is not for those who learn from the head, approach the course an intellectual pursuit, and consider it their right to critically evaluate, judge or take a position of agreement or disagreement on the teachings, as one might do in other educational contexts. Neither is it correct to learn conditionally, partially or on one’s own terms. The only way to learn in such a setting is unconditionally, non-judgmentally and choicelessly, to learn from the heart not from the head, and to establish a sense of connectedness to the Guru so that what flows through him can flow through you.

An enlightened Guru is a super-conductor. Any positive conduct as a student under such a Guru is like planting a mango seed in fertile ground that will bear hundreds of sweet fruit, however, any negative conduct is like planting a bitter seed in fertile ground that will bear hundreds of poisonous fruit. This is the reason why the code of conduct is strictly enforced in any ashram in which the technologies of enlightenment are being taught, it is for the protection of the student, the protection of the community and the protection of the traditions.

There will be no published curriculum, modules or electives. The course teaches us adaptability, flexibility and responsiveness. The course is not a commodity and students are not customers. The course will be taught in the ancient tradition of going to a Guru to choicelessly learn whatever that Guru teaches. The daily class will vary in length so each student needs to have some degree of flexibility about time commitment, any missed portions of classes can be caught up with on non-class days. The teaching style will be very strict, in line with the culture of Traditional Ashrams. Yoga is to be learned orally and experientially, not intellectually or through reading. For thousands of years, Yoga/ Vedic traditions are called Sruthas, which means only by listening. This entire tradition is based on listening, the quickest way to learn more, absorb and adapt to be transformed.

As a student, what is important is to have the right intention, the right attitude and the right devotion in order to benefit from this rare and precious opportunity. The teachings of Yoga do not exist without enlightened teachers to convey them and the student-teacher relationship (Sanskrit: Guru Shishya Parampada) is everything. Even though the course is online this is still very relevant as consciousness has no barriers. The attitude of a student is of paramount importance when taking a course of this nature. This is for your own benefit and in respect for the Guru and great lineage of enlightened teachers who have preserved these teachings.

This course is for those aspiring to follow the highest path of Yoga, who wish to make a soul journey under the expert guidance of an accomplished and fully enlightened Guru. The aim is to become completely selfless, thereby liberating the soul from the ego. To become a student of such a teacher is a great privilege and an incredibly rare opportunity, the criteria to join is not payment, but suitability based on the attributes of a student outlined by the great Indian Saints and Gurus of the Yoga tradition.

The opportunity is to learn Yoga within its authentic Indian cultural context.  In the Indian system a Guru teaches not just techniques but guides one on every single aspect of life, teaching us how to live in purity for the perfect health and happiness of the individual and for the rebalancing society as a whole.

Although the course is for five months, the tradition of going to learn with a Guru is to find a guide for a lifetime because this journey is not easy or immediate. Deep transformation takes dedication, perseverance and a burning desire to pursue the path. As long as Dr Kumar is willing to teach, students who uphold the code of conduct can continue their journey with him on an ongoing basis.

The course follows the strict ethos of the lineages and traditions of the noble ones, the Yogis. This is in order to uphold the sanctity, purity and undiluted teachings of those Yogis who selflessly sacrificed their secrets of practice and path, in absolute trust, in order to benefit their devoted students.

What will be taught is the highest science given by enlightened Yogis, not by those who are still seekers or teachers at the stage of exploring mind and body having not yet attained full liberation. The course will teach the pure technique of Self Realisation (Sanskrit: Siddhantha Vicharana / Vidya Paddhathi) as practiced and realised by every Yogi and Saint in India for thousands of years, such as the great Nachiketa, Brigu, Yagnavalkya, Vasista, Vyasa, Krishna, Buddha, Patanjali, Adi Shankara.

Please see the ‘Introduction to the Yogi Training course by Dr. Kumar’ slideshow on the homepage of www.traditionalyoga.co.in written by Dr Kumar, for detail about the expected qualities of a student (Shadguna) as given by Adi Shankaracharya and other important points.

Damamu: Not becoming distracted

Shamamu: The ability to focus

Uparathi: The ability to sustain concentration

Titiksha: The ability to avoid reacting

Shraddha: Total surrender, self motivation, devotion and interest

Samadhana or Gratitude:  The development of humility, ego-lessness and selflessness

Also, Mumuksha: The burning desire to become enlightened. The realisation of Allah, the Holy Spirit, Paramatma, requires perseverance in spiritual progress.


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Course Duration: 5 Months

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For enquiries please contact: traditionalyoga.in@gmail.com

Booking involves:

  • Application form to be completed online
  • Reading and agreeing code of discipline/ joining agreement. We suggest that you read the Course Joining Agreement prior to booking in downloadable PDF format, please see the tab below.
  • Interview via Whatsapp audio call


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Please click here for Course Code of Discipline and Joining Agreement


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Dr. Kumar is widely recognised as an inspirational Yogi, trainer of yoga teachers and an award winning scientist. He began his yoga journey at the age of 11 years and attended more than 87 traditional ashrams, learning directly under the expert guidance of great teachers such as Satyananda Saraswathi Maharaj, Krishnamacharya and all the seven students of Sivananda, aswell as in many Himalayan traditions.

Dr. Kumar is a nuclear scientist and holds two PhDs in Chemistry and Yoga. He is also a trained Merck pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals formulation specialist. His teachings are not only limited to yoga and meditation but he has authority in science based functional and performance based nutraceuticals both macro and micro nutrition. He practices preventive and therapeutic nutrition dealing with phytoextracts to nutrigenomics and peptide based solutions for gene related problems. He is the founder of Vedic Nutraceuticals and The Yoga Healing Foundations of UK, U.S and India. He is a recipient of the prestigious Homi J. Bhabha award for innovations in nuclear science and technology.

In 1992, Dr. Kumar suffered multiple fractures in his lower spine, hip bones, and pelvic bones, and lost control over his lower torso when he had a road accident. His urethra was ruptured and he was told that he would not be able to have children and may not walk again. After a year of experiencing no progress, he began practicing yoga and started treating himself. After two years of practice, he could run, perform all asanas and also had his first child in 1994.

This was a turning point for him and he decided to devote his time besides his work to promote the correct understanding of the traditional methods of yoga for body and mind. This includes all physical yoga practices as taught by well-known teachers from whom he learned directly, including Krishnamacharya, Vishnudevananda, Satyananda Saraswati, B.K.S. Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois. Also, mind-fitness (meditation) programs in Hindu, Tibetan and Theravada traditions, taught at a deep level with a science based approach for rapid progress. His teachings include progressive practice starting with mantra, through to the highest level mindfulness culminating in self-realisation, actualisation or singularity.

In essence, he teaches a scientific way of life for total health. He shows us how to live with absolute scientific standards from dawn to dusk. He strongly believes that subjective, perception-based living is the root cause of our problems at both a physical and mental level.

Dr. Kumar is also a practitioner and teacher of Kayachikitsa. Kayachikitsa is an ancient science focused on the treatment of physical and mental illness. He is one of only three people in the world to have been trained and currently practice in this particular system.

Dr. Kumar leads intensive training in meditation (raja yoga) theory and practice leading to profound insight and liberation. This is taught as per the Yoga Shastras and Yoga Sanhitha given by Yajnavalkya and later by Patanjali in the form of Yoga Darshana. Besides his regular yoga training courses that take place throughout the year, he teaches three immersive residential courses annually, a 10 day course in the UK, a 10 day course in India in the summer and a 15 day course in India for international students in the winter.

Dr. Kumar is a consultant trainer at Yogacampus in London. Having trained yoga teachers for the last four decades, drawing on his experiential wisdom and knowledge developed from living and learning in many different ashrams, ancient traditions and teachers, he teaches yoga for mind and body with authority.  He was invited by the United Nations, International Labour Organization in Geneva, to lead celebrations for International Yoga in 2017 and 2018. Outside of reputed Indian institutions, he has also given lectures at Oxfords Brooks University, Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, Imperial College London and Kyungpook National University School of Medicine in Daegu-Korea.


Rather than belonging to any one school, Dr. Kumar’s teaching adheres to the genesis of yoga and its many components.

Dr. Kumar’s first teacher cautioned him to avoid being limited to the methodology of only one school, realising that each ashram preserves only a few limbs of yoga. This is something Dr. Kumar has followed throughout his life, allowing him to keep an open mind, and continuously learn and expand his knowledge, respecting all traditions.

As a child he began his formal studies at the Sivananda Ashram under Swamy Vishnudevananda. He was initiated by Swami Chinmayananda, Sachidananda & Omkarananda and later under Swami Rama and Satyananda Saraswathi. He also learned asana practice with BKS Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, Desikachar among other renowned teachers as well as unknown but equally accomplished Himalayan masters and monks. He learned powerful health rejuvenating pranayamas in Shakthi traditions of Tantra such as Prakrithika (external respiratory techniques), Vaikrithika (internal respiratory techniques) and Kevala (natural respiration). Other schools include Kaivalyadhama-Lonovala, Ananda Ashram-Himachal and Kriya Yoga traditions such as Babaji Kriya Yoga, Yogoda, Mangeshda. His theoretical studies of Hatha Yoga have explored Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Hatha Ratnavali, Gheranda Samhita, Siva Samhita, Hatha Yoga Rahasyam, Kurantaka Yoga and Kapala Kurantaka Yoga and he has translated many of these original texts for his training program.

Dr. Kumar has studied meditation in Hindu, Yoga, Mahayana and Theravada Buddhist schools including monastic traditions in Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka and Tibet. His mastery of meditation, honouring the lineage of Patanjali is central to his teaching. He reads Sanskrit and Pali and has sourced and translated rare texts, exploring in particular the relationship between Yoga, Buddhism and Vedanta.

Yoga used to recover from an accident

Dr. Kumar’s personal experience of the therapeutic benefits of yoga inspired him to teach. In 1992 Kumar was involved in a road accident. He suffered multiple fractures in the lower spine, hip and pelvic bones. He also lost control over his lower torso and his urethra was ruptured. Having just got engaged, he was told that he would not be able to have children and may not walk again. He was airlifted to his wedding. After being bed-ridden for two years and being told that doctors had little hope for his recovery, finally he used his deep knowledge of yoga to design a systematic program of treatment for himself with asana and pranayama practice. By the following year, he was mobile and in two years he could run. He resumed practicing around 300 asanas and had his first daughter in 1994. In gratitude for the benefit he has received he has volunteered his time to teaching yoga and meditation for free to thousands of people in India and reviving the ancient system of yoga therapy, Kayachikitsa.

“Yoga is many limbed, and is not to be confused with any form of religion. My aim is to restore the understanding of the relationship of different branches of traditional yoga so as to enable each person to make swift and effective progress”





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