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This course is all about passing down the sacred secrets of yoga which is passing down every technic of yoga whether it is Mudra, Asana, Pranayama, etc. from thousands of years in an original undiluted form like late Krishnamacharya learned from his Guru Rama Manohara Brahma Chari in the Himalayas near Manas Sarovar, the Moon Lake.


As per the lineages and traditions prevailing in India, a teacher in the tradition without knowing complete details of the Shishya (Student), can never accept a student to teach these sacred secrets of yoga. So the interested students are kindly requested to take time and have the patience to fill in the form, if truly interested in this journey with Traditional Yoga.  It will take time but it's mandatory to fill the entire form to participate in such a long intense yoga course. The course is serious in nature, even better or stricter than the monastic disciplines of Tibet.

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