21 March, 2020 – Webcast

Class Topics

  1. Contamination is a cause of suffering
  2. Significance and meaning of “”Pooja””
  3. Why squatting is a better position for urinating?
  4. Yoga is a scientific way of living – conservation NOT consumption
  5. COVID :
    • Why it needs a cell for survival and who it attacks?
    • No virus/bacteria can survive in alkali environment
    • Why silk/wool are decontaminating?
  6. Social distancing in yoga is complete detachment – Nothing can affect you when you are detached
    • Avoid eating crude protein at this time
    • Drink alkalized water
  8. Why oxygen consumption is least at night?
  9. Traditional decontaminating procedures :
  10. Wiping the floor of the house with cowdung solution
  11. Cleaning feet with water before entering the house


  • Theory :
    • Why running does not strengthen lungs
    • Oxidative mechanisms are the best source of energy


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