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Today the breadth of techniques taught in the ancient scriptures are not found in any single school of contemporary yoga. The traditional schools, in which these techniques are preserved, are unfamiliar to many modern and western yoga practitioners. Today’s hatha yoga generally consists of practices originating from traditions less than a hundred years old. Traditional methodologies are often changed and adapted, slowing progress. The goal of yoga is enlightenment and the shortest way to reach this goal is by practicing all limbs of hatha and raja yoga using the time-tested traditional methodologies. This is the principle on which Traditional Yoga is based.

Kumar has taught yoga to over 13,000 people. What makes his teaching different is that rather than belonging to any one tradition, his approach adheres to the genesis of yoga and it’s components. From the age of 12, Kumar studied at 26 yoga schools in northern India and 12 in southern India.

The aim of Traditional Yoga is to restore an understanding of the relationship of the different limbs of yoga and to present this knowledge in its original, whole and undiluted practical form for the benefit of all practioners and teachers. Both hatha yoga (the science of body) as given by the Nath gurus and raja yoga (the science of mind) as given by Patanjali. 

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